5. Button Reference
Switch layer type to be added Open settings view
Add layer:

Two-step remove of active layer

1. If the layer has acquired content, remove the content
2. If the layer has no acquired content, remove the layer

Map-Layer GoogleMaps
Map-Layer OpenStreetMap

Acquire content of active layer

If Aviary Photo Editor is installed:
Open acquired content in external editor

Export mashup to file

Acquires content automatically if necessary

Activate next layer Move active layer up in the stack
Activate previous layer Move active layer down in the stack

Open info/status screen

Status indicators:

Open favorite template

Opens a template from Folder for Templates....
The used file-name depends on the current 'Add layer' button:

Camera = FAV.apmt
Image = FAV_I.apmt
Map GoogleMaps = FAV_G.apmt
Map OSM = FAV_O.apmt
Paint = FAV_P.apmt

If the specific file does not exist, FAV.apmt is used.

A warning | error message has been triggered
Network connection is active | not active
Location available | GPS is on, no location yet | GPS is off
Buttons on exit dialog, from left to right:
Remove all contents
Remove all layers
Exit app
Menu items
Extract template files from the donation app to Folder for Templates...
Save the mashup as template
Load a template
Adds the layers from the file to the current layers
Open a template
Removes current layers and loads layers from file

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