7. Settings Reference
Show donation menu Show/Hide the menu item 'Extract Donation-Templates'.

This menu item becomes available after you install the 'APicMashup Donation' App.
After the donation templates are extracted, this setting is cleared.
To show the item again, activate this setting.

Size (*after restart) Select the size of the exported mashup.

Restart necessary!

The available sizes depend on the actual device (RAM, android version).

[Camera]Picture size is limited by this setting.

Background color Define the background color of the mashup.

Press [New] to set the value.

To fine tune the value of the sliders, tap on the hex value (decrease) or the character A, R, G, B (increase).

Long-press [Current] or [Default] to choose their value as new color.

Long-press [New] to invert the currently chosen color

Orientation Select the Exif orientation of the exported mashup.
  • 'Automatic': Use the sensor to determine it
  • 'Landscape': Landscape orientation
  • 'Portrait': Portrait orientation
Open Mashup after export Opens your default image viewer after the mashup is exported.
Fullscreen mode Hide the notification bar.

Restart necessary!

Folder for Mashup... Choose where to export the mashup.

Long-press [Folders] to navigate into them.

Folder for Templates... Choose the folder to load favorite templates from.

Also, if you open or save templates, this folder is used as location at first.

Folder for workfiles... Choose the folder, where work files shall be stored.


Picture size
Select the size to which the device's camera is set.

If you will use several camera layers, each covering a portion of the mashup, choose a reasonable picture size to save resources.


Single focus on serial shutter
Set this, to speed up the acquiring of a photo sequence.

The camera will only auto-focus for the first layer.
If time is not important, clear this setting to auto-focus for each layer.
If you 'acquire content' for the active layer manually, auto-focus is always used, independent of this setting.


Mute during shutter
Sets the device to 'mute' state during taking a picture.


HD preview
If set, the largest available camera preview is used for display; if not, the smallest.

Clear this setting, it uses a lot of resources, especially on hires-screens or when using several camera layers.

[Map layer]

Show compass
Display a compass symbol in the center of the map layer.

[Map layer]

Show bearing
Display a bearing symbol in the center of the map layer.

[Map layer]

Show location
Display a location symbol on the map, if the current location is available (see status indicator on info button).

[Map layer]

North at top
If set, keep map-north aligned to screen-top.

Screen-top depends on the current orientation, see setting Orientation.

If not set, map-north points to magnetic(sensor)-north.

Note: Compass and bearing symbol are displayed using magnetic(sensor)-north, despite of this setting.

[Map layer Google]

Switch between satellite and normal map.

[Map layer OSM]

Choose the source of the on-screen map.

[Map layer OSM]

Mashup type
Choose, how the content shall be acquired.

Everything except 'Scaled screen' will initiate the download of a hires static map image.

Note: Static image maps with satellite component support only low zoom levels.

[Paint layer]

Pen color
Set the default color for Paint-Layers.

[Paint layer]

Pen size
Set the default stroke width for Paint-Layers.

[All layer-types]

Border color
Set the default border color.

[All layer-types]

Border size
Set the default stroke width for the layer border.

[All layer-types]

Layer opacity
Default opacity for layers.

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