1. Tweak some settings first

To open the 'Settings' view, long-press  .

You may want to examine these settings:

Size (*after restart)

Defines the size of the resulting image (mashup). A change here will become effective after the next app start.

Background color

The color of the background; visible if not the whole area is covered by layers.

Folder for Mashup...

Where to store the mashup.

Folder for Template...

Where to save templates.

Folder for workfiles...

Which location to use for temporary files.

Picture size

The picture size for the device's camera; if you know you will use several pictures per mashup, reduce the size to a reasonable value to save resources.

HD preview

This affects only the on-screen display, you probably want to turn this off, it uses a lot of resources on hires-screens.

Now, return to the main screen and

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