2. Let's create a mashup with 4 photos

Add a Camera-Layer: tap  .

Repeat 3 times to get 4 layers.

The layers are stacked, only one is active at a time.

To activate a different layer tap  or  .

A camera layer will cover the whole mashup at first, so next we change the layers shape.

Drag each corner into a position until the shape of the layer meets your desire.

Repeat for all layers.

Arrgh, the corner points keep changing their color and shape

Well, yes:

  • Drag a corner point if it has the layers color and a circular shape
  • Tap a corner to select it. If you long-press this point, a new corner is added. To remove a corner point, select that one only and move it over its neighbor.
  • You can select more than 1 corner, all selected corners will move unison. (Tip: To select all corners, select at first 2 corners and long-press one of the selected corners)
  • If you tap besides a corner, all corners will be deselected.
  • If no corner is selected and you tap besides a corner, the outline of the layer will change between straight and curved.
  • Long-press an unselected corner to fixate the corner points, they will not move anymore. Long-press any corner again to return them to movable state.

...and the layer outlines look distorted

To align a corner to others, select it before you drag it. It will now align to other corners and the mashup border.

The next step is to take the pictures that will compose the mashup.

Activate a layer, then acquire its content: tap  .

Repeat for each layer.

You still can arrange the corner points.

If you are satisfied, finally export the mashup: long-press  .



Where is it?

  • The exported image file will be saved to the location given in the setting Folder for Mashup...
  • If the setting Open Mashup after export is active, it will instantly open in your preferred picture viewer

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